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A Telford man has been banned from driving for five years after being caught drink driving for the third time in ten years.

The 51-year-old collided with a road sign and then proceeded to drive to his sister’s residence.

Abigail Hall told the court for the prosecution that a member of the public reported the collision to the police, before describing the vehicle and where it had headed when they arrived at the scene.

Ms Hall said: “PC Hobden found the car parked outside an address on Garbett Road, where two men were changing one of the car’s tyres. These men told the PC that the defendant was inside the property.

“At that point, a female appeared and said she was this defendant’s sister and that he was in the back garden.”

The driver was where his sister had indicated, drinking tea at a garden table. He admitted to drinking earlier and said that the only thing he had drunk since the incident was the cup of tea.

A blood test at the house showed the man to have 125mcg alcohol per 100ml blood, where the legal limit is 80mcg.

He was arrested and taken to the police station where a second test showed him to have 116mcg alcohol per 100ml blood.

Lisa Hancox, representing the driver, told the court that her client seldom drank and could not say why he had done on that particular day. He had agreed to give his sister a lift and then cooperated fully with police officers when they questioned him.

Ms Hancox added that the man had been suffering from anxiety and depression, both of which had been exacerbated following an attack on him and his family during which he was knocked unconscious with a bottle. He used alcohol as a “mechanism to cope” on occasion.

Mitigating, Ms Hancox cited the positive relationship the man had with his wife and with his stepson, who he has helped raise for 17 years.

Magistrates also received a letter of support from a family friend.

After pleading guilty to drink driving, he was banned from the roads for five years and fined £120. Magistrates also imposed an 18-month community order, a rehabilitation order, and an alcohol treatment order.