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A new scheme is being launched across Hyde, Ashton, Denton, and the whole Tameside to help residents on Jobseekers find work in a rapidly growing digital market.

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A FREE program that’s developing digital and enterprise skills across Tameside and Glossop is being rolled out to jobseekers.

Tameside Council launched the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) in September to help equip local people with good digital skills, which are increasingly needed in society and the workplace.

iDEA is available online for anyone living locally to help people of all ages, with hundreds of local residents already signed up.

Working in partnership with Jobcentre Plus, the Council’s Employment and Skills team has now delivered two pilot workshops with people who are currently out of work and looking for jobs.

These sessions will inform wider Jobcentre Plus delivery in all of Greater Manchester from next year, when iDEA will reach the 5,000 local residents currently claiming out of work benefits.

iDEA can help jobseekers by teaching vital digital and enterprise skills needed for work in the 21st century, including modules on personal statements, using cloud technologies, crafting a professional online profile to make you stand out from the crowd, learning enterprise terminology to help with interviews, and much more.

As well as helping people secure the latest jobs in the growing tech industry, iDEA is part of a proactive response to Universal Credit welfare reform. It relies on residents using and making the most of an online-only system, so ensuring they have the necessary digital skills to do this is essential.

Aspiring to be the digital and enterprise equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the initiative was founded by and is backed by The Duke of York and can be completed individually, as a family or in a group using a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The accredited international program is simple to use for all abilities and backgrounds and there’s no pressure or time limit.  Participants use interactive learning modules to win career-enhancing badges and gain industry recognised Bronze, Silver and Gold awards to help them stand out from the crowd.  The badges cover a wide range of topics, such as staying safe online, animation, basic coding, web design and entrepreneurial skills.

Our very own Tameside and Glossop badge has even been created for everyone taking part locally, which counts towards the Bronze Award. Residents can get the Tameside & Glossop badge with the badge code: TandGiDEA

Nina Cioffi, spokesperson for DWP, said: “iDEA will help equip our customers with digital, enterprise and employability skills that are relevant to the local labour market at a pace and level that meets their ability. Its personal record of achievement platform is a simple, easy way to share with potential employers safely and securely the skills, information and knowledge they have gained.

“We are really proud to be working with Tameside Council to help residents to register and progress their learning journeys on iDEA and will continue to support them to achieve their first badges! We are looking forward to launching our own GM JCP badge in the New Year and delivering the same support to people across Greater Manchester.”

A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “In an increasingly online world, iDEA is a fantastic opportunity to learn new digital skills and enhance existing ones.  We’re delighted that local residents are signing up and that we are now introducing iDEA to jobseekers to give them the digital skills needed to secure work and succeed in the workplace.  Jobcentre Plus has recognised how iDEA will boost skills and CVs and we’re pleased to be able to deliver this with them.

“We’d urge anyone wanting to brush up on their computer skills, learn how to stay safe online or gain career-enhancing awards to join in by taking part in iDEA too.”

To get started on iDEA yourself, go to https://iDEA.org.uk or email [email protected] for more information.