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Peugeot Servicing & MOT

When it comes to Peugeots, Tameside Auto Centre are specialists in the field. If we don’t do it, it’s not worth doing. Whether it’s the Peugeot 205, 206, or 208, the Peugeot 406 or 308, a Peugeot 508 saloon or a 207 CC Cabriolet, we’re got your Peugeot needs covered.

Peugeot Servicing

We believe you won’t find anywhere better in Tameside to get your Peugeot serviced. Getting a regular service for your Peugeot is a vital part of keeping it on the road, running smoothly and efficiently, and avoiding the potential high costs of break downs and major repairs. You might think dodging a service is saving you a few pounds, but in the long run it’s a false economy that can cost you hundreds. All cars need minor repairs for every day wear-and-tear, and Peugeots are no different, but it’s better to get your Peugeot serviced than it is to wait and then find you need a costly replacement for something that could previously have been easily fixed.

These minor repairs for your Peugeot don’t always have to be done at your dealership, despite what they might tell you. As long as the company you choose is VAT registered and uses main dealer parts (or equivalent standard), it won’t invalidate your warranty. This can mean a huge saving for you!

Peugeot MOT

A full MOT for your Peugeot is a legal requirement to drive on UK roads if your car is over three years old. Getting caught without one can result in a fixed penalty notice, or even a fine of up to £1000, as well as potentially invalidating your insurance in the case of an accident.

For your Peugeot’s MOT we use the latest ATL technologies and use genuine Peugeot parts, keeping your warranty intact. We have offers on MOTs for Peugeots, including an MOT and Service for just £99. We also offer a free collection and delivery service and a courtesy car if you need one.

Don’t delay, get it out the way, and book an MOT for your Peugeot today!

Peugeot Tuning

When it comes to getting your Peugeot tuned, you won’t find better. We use all the latest, dealer-level diagnostic equipment to get the most out of your car. We can reprogram your ESU, BSI and keys, as well as remove, clean, and refit your DPF (FAP) filters for the fraction of the cost of a new one.

Getting your ECU remapped and tuned can take just a couple of hours, and brings many benefits. Not only does it make your Peugeot more economical with better fuel consumption, but it can also increase the engine’s power (by up to 40%) as well as give it greater torque for greater acceleration and towing power. In most cases the process pays for itself in under 6 months.

Peugeot Tyres

Whatever your tyre needs for your Peugeot, we’ve got you covered. Tyres govern your steering, acceleration, braking, as well as absorbing all the bumps in the road. They’re arguably the most important part of your car. You should choose your tyres in the same way you choose your car, too. You wouldn’t choose a Peugeot 108 hatchback when you’re a family of 7, you’d choose a Peugeot 5008. So if you do a lot of motorway driving, you wouldn’t get tyres designed for slower city driving.

It’s also vitally important to make sure your tyres are in good condition, keeping them at the right pressure and ensuring there are no bulges or cracks, and that the tread is at a safe depth. You should replace them when the tread becomes less than 1.6mm deep, but we recommend changing them when it drops below 3mm (4mm in winter). Cheap or poor-condition tyres are not only dangerous for your driving, but they increase fuel consumption too, so they’ll cost you more in the long run.

We offer complete tyre service for all Peugeot cars and SUVs, so give us a ring and book in to make sure your Peugeot’s tyres are in tip-top condition.

Our loyal customers come from all over Tameside including Dukinfield, Denton, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Stalybridge, Mossley, and Hyde.

What to do next

No matter what you want for your Peugeot, whether it be a service, an MOT, or retuning, give us a call here at Tameside Auto Centre to discuss your needs and get a free quotation.

Keeping You On The Road

Keeping You On The Road



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