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Skoda Service & MOT

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving the nippy little Skoda Citigo or the spacious Skoda Kodiaq, a brand-new Skoda Octavia or a pre-loved Skoda Fabia, come to Tameside Auto Centre for all your Skoda servicing and MOT needs.

Skoda Servicing

Just like for any other car, getting a service for your Skoda is common sense. It is for all cars. It can mean the difference between efficient, comfortable driving, and unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. It’s a false economy to try and save a few pounds by not getting a service for your Skoda, as the repairs needed in a service for minor wear-and-tear are always less costly then the major repairs and replacements that can be the result of not getting one at the right time.

A service for your Skoda doesn’t always need to be made at your dealership either. You can make huge savings, and not invalidate your warranty, by visiting a VAT registered garage that uses dealer (or equivalent quality) parts.

Skoda MOT

If your Skoda is over three years old, you must have a full MOT to be able to drive it on UK roads. If you’re caught without one it can lead to a fine of between £100 and £1000, as well as potentially invalidate your insurance should you have an accident.

We have various offers for an MOT for your Skoda, including an MOT and service for only £99. Our MOT test centre includes the latest ATL technologies, plus we offer a free collection and delivery service, and can provide a courtesy car if you require one. We only use genuine Skoda parts for our repairs, so your warranty is safe.

Many fleets use Skoda, so if your fleet of Skodas needs an MOT or service, become another of our satisfied fleet customers.

Don’t delay. Book with us to get your Skoda MOT today!

Skoda Tuning

There are several benefits to getting your Skoda engine tuned. It can deliver up to 40% more power to your engine, it can increase the torque giving you better acceleration and towing power at lower revs, as well as delivering improved fuel consumption and economy. Getting your ECU remapped or engine re-chipped can usually be done in under a couple of hours, and in many cases the savings on fuel pay for the process in under 6 months.

Skoda Tyres

Checking the tyres on your Skoda is as important job as any other. Your Skoda’s tyres govern your steering, your braking and acceleration, and iron out some of those bumps in the road. Choosing the right tyres is as important as choosing the right car. You’re not going to get a sleek little Skoda Citigo if you need to transport the kids and all their sports gear around, you’ll go for something like the Karoq. Likewise, if you’re spending a lot of time on the motorway you’ll want tyres designed to handle high speeds, rather than tyres for driving on the varied terrains of the countryside.

You’ve also got to take care of the tyres on your Skoda. Making sure the tyre pressure is correct will prolong their life, and potentially save yours. Keep an eye out for bulges and cracks in the tyre wall, and don’t let the tread get too worn down either. The legal limit is 1.6mm, but we recommend replacing your tyres when they reach 3mm (or 4mm in the winter).

We offer a full tyre service for all Skodas, so give us a call and make sure the tyres for your Skoda are in tip-top condition.

We have many loyal customers coming to us from across Tameside, including Denton, Hyde, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Mossley, Stalybridge and Dukinfield.

What to do next

Whatever services you may require for your Skoda, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Tameside Auto Centre to let us know what you need, and receive a free quotation.

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