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Toyota Servicing and MOT

Toyotas are renowned for their quality and reliability. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a new Toyota Yaris or Avensis, gunning through the hills in a Toyota Landcruiser, or running around town in the Toyota Aygo, we can meet all your Toyota MOT and servicing needs here at Tameside Auto Centre.

Toyota Servicing

When you love your Toyota as much as we do, you want to keep them running at their best. A regular service can mean the difference between the smooth, easy ride you’re used to, and the pain of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Saving money by missing a service is a false economy. Toyotas need maintenance for wear-and-tear like any other car, and the low cost of a service is tiny compared to what you might have to pay with a substantial repair or major replacement caused by something that could easily have been picked up sooner.

These services and minor repairs for your Toyota don’t always have to be done at your dealership, despite what some may say. It won’t invalidate your warranty either, as long as the establishment you use for the repairs is VAT registered and uses main dealer (or equivalent standard) parts. This can mean a substantial saving for you!

Toyota MOT

If your Toyota is more than three years old, you’ll need to have a full MOT to drive legally on UK roads. Failure to comply can result in a fixed penalty notice of £100, or a fine of £1000 if you’re caught out, not to mention that in the case of an accident your insurance may well be invalid without an MOT.

We have a number of MOT offers for Toyotas, including an MOT and service for just £99. We offer free collection and delivery of your car from home or work, a free courtesy car should you need one, and our MOT testing stations utilise the latest ATL Lane technologies. We use genuine Toyota parts, too, to keep your warranty intact.

So don’t delay – get in touch and book in for your BMW MOT today!

Toyota Tuning

There are several benefits to getting your Toyota engine tuned. It can deliver up to 40% more power to your engine, it can increase the torque giving you better acceleration and towing power at lower revs, as well as delivering improved fuel consumption and economy. Getting your ECU remapped or engine re-chipped can usually be done in under a couple of hours, and in many cases the savings on fuel pay for the process in under 6 months.

Toyota Tyres

Your Toyota’s tyres are your link to the road, and arguably the most important part of the car. They control your steering, braking, acceleration, and help iron out those bumps along the way. Choosing the right tyres is as important as choosing your car. If you’re going off-roading you wouldn’t choose a Toyota Auris, you’d choose the hardier Toyota Hilux, and the same applies to your tyres. If you’re on the motorway a lot you want tyres that can handle longer periods at high speed, as opposed to tyres that can handle different road surfaces when driving in the city.

Maintenance on your tyres is also just as important as that for your engine. Correct tyre pressure will prolong the tyre’s life, as well as making yours safer. Watch out for bulges and cracks in the tyre wall, and keep an eye on the tread to make sure it’s not too worn down. The legal limit for tread is 1.6mm, but we recommend replacing your tyres when the thread reaches 3mm (or 4mm in winter months) – it’s just safer that way.

We offer a full tyre service for all models of Toyota, so drop us a line and make sure the tyres for your Toyota are in tip-top condition.

We have many loyal customers coming to us from across Tameside, including Mossley, Hyde, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Denton, Stalybridge and Dukinfield.

What to do next

Whatever services you may require for your Toyota, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Tameside Auto Centre to let us know what you need, and receive a free quotation.

Keeping You On The Road

Keeping You On The Road



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