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Yep, you read it right. We should all know by now of the dangers brought on my using mobile phones whilst we are driving. It is not that long ago when a number of high profile cases where drivers, using mobiles behind the wheel, caused the deaths of other road users. Following on from these cases, the law was changed and the penalty for being caught using a mobile phone behind the wheels increased to £200 and 6 penalty points.

Most people would think fair enough for those actually driving, but what about for people sat in the passenger seat?

Well, the answer is, if you are supervising a learner driver you take on the same responsibilities as if you were driving yourself. Therefore, if you are caught texting, or using your phone whilst you are sat beside a learner driver, you could well find yourself on the wrong side of the law and paying a hefty fine.

IAM RoadSmart Director of Policy and Research, Neil Greig, stated: “Supervising a learner actually puts you in the driving seat so legally you must treat it in the same way as if you were behind the wheel.

“Learning to drive is stressful enough without a passenger beside you who is more worried about posting than parking.”